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Want to get the best exam results? According to Sixth Former Charles Aldridge, sleeping is the way forward! Charles has just had his EPQ research on sleeping and effective learning, published by the Medic Mentor, a national magazine dedicated to applying healthcare students. The Cambridge hopeful, who discovered a passion for medicine after breaking his collar bone last year, says: “I was stunned by how important sleep hygiene is in memory”. As well as memory and the transfer of information from short to long term Charles also found that sleep has a direct impact on understanding; focus and motivation. His in depth article looks at how memories are formed, the five sleep cycles and how memory consolidation varies over the night through the cycles. And the secret to a good night’s sleep according to his research is reducing exposure to artificial light one to two hours before bedtime and sleeping in a cool environment (around 18 degrees). “Sleep is the solution to many issues related to learning, so investing your time into building healthy sleep habits is a simple way to fuel success in your future career.” To read the article, please click here.