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bucking the trend

The Liberal Democrats swept to victory at Gordon’s School in the G-Elections.Students and staff  voted overwhelmingly for the school’s candidate Teah Jasani, who  clinched 264 votes with the Conservative second with 182 and Labour, Green and UKIP trailing with 76; 69 and 30 respectively. The turnout was 57.5 per cent. Bucking the national trend once more, Gordon's students and staff voted overwhelmingly in the G-Election for their Liberal Democrat candidate Teah Jasani. The hard fought campaign saw four of the five Surrey Heath parliamentary candidates visit during the lead up to the General Election. As well as the sitting MP Michael Gove, the school welcomed Sharon Galliford of the Green Party; Brahma Mohanty, Labour and Alasdair Pinkerton, Liberal Democrats.  All stayed for lunch with the school’s student ‘party’candidates and gave a talk about their party’s policies and aims to students and staff as well as answering their questions. UKIP were also invited.