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Year 11 Netball Tour 2015

On the 27th of February we set off to PGL Liddington for our much anticipated Year 11 Netball Tour. 

On the 27th of February we set off to PGL Liddington for our much anticipated Year 11 Netball Tour. Being the first netball tour at Gordon’s, both the teachers and our team were very excited about the weekend ahead. We were disappointed that Mrs Forster couldn’t come but grateful that Miss Larkin was willing to put up with us and determined to prove to Mr Harrison that netball is a sport.
Once we arrived we were introduced to our PGL Leader, Kevin, who gave us all the necessary information and, crucially, informed us of the need to ‘be sensible with hot drinks’! 
Most importantly of course was the netball, and the games were a great success. We won all of our matches and were proud and happy to be Tournament Champions! The highlight of the tournament was our 10 – 5 victory in the final against Bethany School, our closest match, yet still a convincing victory. Team awards for performance on the netball court were given to Grace Wharton for her crucial participation on the first day and Megan Fidge for her greatly admired "gazelle like" leaps and general performance over the whole tournament. Prizes were also awarded to members of the team for incidents off the court. Lucy Spruzs received the ‘Star of the Day’ award for being the most cheerful member of the team and the best ‘jumper holder’. 
There was also much fun to be had during our free time. This included the thrilling ‘Big Swing’, the climbing wall, Aeroball, the highly competitive ‘Snapchat challenge’ and our violent games of spoons – a source of great frustration to Mr Harrison as he was beaten by a load of girls, repeatedly! 
All in all we had a wonderful weekend full of high quality netball and many memorable moments. Thanks to Miss Larkin and Mr Harrison for taking us and to Mrs Forster for making it happen. 
Finally, to quote Mr Harrison, ‘It’s netball not catch!’
Eloise Young and Megan Fidge (Captain)