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institute of leadership and management

Staff and students from Gordon’s School and Arete Partnership school Woking High, join together to listen to information on the Institute of Leadership and Management Awards and celebrate the achievements of those who were awarded in each Level. Congratulations to the following Gordon’s students for reaching ILM Level 2 for Aspiring Young Leaders: Brogan Hyde; Oliver Henderson; Callie O’Brien; Amber McMullen; Rajan Bhamra; Cameron Colloff; Phoebe Norman; Emily Jones; Joshua Deakin; Owen Carter; Uyime Ntia; Isobel Lewis and Lottie Henden. Receiving their ILM Level 3 Awards – the first time awarded to students - were Gordon’s Head Boy and Girl and their Deputies: Max Beken; Nichola Gilbert; Zahrah Salim and Daniel Lowe and staff: Sam Amos; Sarah Byne; Annabel Daniels; Katie Klavenes; Lauran Hampshire-Dell; Prabhleen Kaur and Joanna Thompson. Staff gaining their ILM Level 5 were: Susannah Hughes; Paul Schofield; Jamie Harrison; Simon Depoix and Megan Cottam.