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Super 7 Champions!

For the first time in the history of Gordon’s School the girls’ 1st Hockey team has been crowned Super 7 Champions for 2014!
For the first time in the history of Gordon’s School the girls’ 1st Hockey team has been crowned Super 7 Champions for 2014!
The girls started the season very well with a day of pre-season training before term began. Their first opponents were Pangbourne College, a school to whom they lost last year 2 – 0. The girls knew it would be a tough game but took an early lead and never looked back achieving a convincing 4 – 0 win. 
The new Year 11s - Ellie Moore, Chloe Dunne, Betty Dempster, Amy Beet, India Toller and Emma Wolfendale - all adapted quickly to this level of senior hockey with Captain Ellie Boatman arranging for the team to have an extra training session per week to help their progress through the competition. The next match was against last year’s champions Claire’s Court and although a little intimidated by such formidable opposition, Izzy Hine scored twice in the second half and the whole team gained in confidence despite a 4 – 2 defeat.
Credit must go to India Toller and her defensive unit who conceded the least goals of all the teams in the league (a most impressive statistic), with Chloe Dunne and Tilly Keast putting in some brave tackles. Ellie Moore ran the midfield well, creating attacks down the right hand side through Emma Wolfendale and Georgina Earle. Anna Bedwell and Izzy Hine linked up well on the left to add support to our attacking play. Amy Beet and Betty Dempster worked hard at left and right to support our centre backs and protect India Toller in goal.
After the setback against Claire’s Court the girls then brushed aside Leighton Park, LVS, Bearwood and Reading Blue Coat School to finish top of the league by a point and qualify for the final. 
For the second time this season the girls faced Claire’s Court.  The team felt the inevitable pressure of the occasion and started slowly conceding a goal in the first 5 minutes. However after some controlling hockey they won a short corner and with their usual clinical routine levelled the score. The second half saw the girls dominate, but struggle to take their chances, and the game ended 1 – 1 and Gordon’s School were crowned joint Super 7s Champions. 
The performance of the team in the final was a testament to the effort they have put in and the progress they have made over the season. 
I am very proud of the girls’ achievements and their commitment to hockey this year, becoming the first Gordon’s School team to win the Super 7s. They have trained hard and played professionally, always aiming to win their matches by playing hockey of a consistently high standard. They have come a long way together as a squad and I am sure they have left a legacy for many others to follow. Well done, girls!
J Harrison
Head of Hockey