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    Published 15/05/20

    Appearing in his first Lockdown Live, Head of Gravesend House, Gary Knight, will be bringing his own brand of 'Swing' to Gordon's School, with some classic songs from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and Sammy Davis Jr mixed with a few modern surprises. Watch live tonight from 7.00pm via the Gordon's School Facebook page (@GordonsSch) or the Gravesend House Instagram page (gravesend_gordons).

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    Published 15/05/20

    Friday Reflection from the School Chaplain, the Reverend Sarah Norbron:

    I think that many of us are getting used to having to use Zoom or other meeting platforms at the moment, although I admit to not being a great host. I usually get confused about something, the screen or who I can see, and one of the participants, usually an 11-year-old, puts me right. I love to see everyone on the screen, but one of the things I find difficult is spotting the person who is speaking. I know that they are highlighted, but I just don’t seem to be quick enough. I scan the screen and by the time I have located them, someone else is talking.

    I have always been moved by the way that Jesus could spot someone in need in a crowd. On one occasion he was being pushed and shoved from all sides, but it was when his strength left him momentarily that he noticed a woman. She had been bleeding for years and no one could do anything for her, but the moment she touched Jesus, she was healed. But Jesus didn’t leave it there. He spoke with her tenderly and gave her the attention that she had been denied for twelve years. The woman’s faith had a significant impact on her life. And that can be the same for each one of us if we turn to Jesus in faith.

    I am touched by the individual attention that so many are able to receive during these difficult times through carers, volunteers and neighbours, but I am aware that there must still be many who are lonely. I pray that each and every one of us will know how to spot these people in a crowd and to give them the bit of special attention they would so appreciate. May God bless you all.

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    Published 14/05/20

    Motivational messages and bright pictures are now adorning the inside of London ambulances to cheer up COVID-19 patients thanks to student Elysee Spacie. The keen baker, who drew and laminated sheets of colourful images, is also producing cakes and brownies and biscuits for ICU staff at St Peter’s Hospital each week to give them a treat while working. Each delicious offering from the young student, who makes between 60 and 70 each week, comes complete with a message of hope for those on the frontline.

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    Published 13/05/20

    Minibuses in action – not transporting to matches and events but taking donations to help in the community. Food Technician Claire Neale, who volunteers at the Woking and Sam Beare Hospice took food from the school kitchens to give to patients and staff there. Rhona Byrne at the Hospice said: “Without supporters such as Gordon’s we would not be able to continue to offer the fantastic level of care we provide to our patients”.

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    Published 12/05/20

    He’s won two Olympic medals, is a three times World Champion and has competed in four Oxford v Cambridge Boat Races.  Last year the rower opened our new Ergo Centre and now George Nash MBE is back for a virtual breakfast when he will talk about his rowing days and his career in engineering over a cup of coffee and piece of toast. The talk is available  on the Careers section of the Gordon’s website.

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    Published 08/05/20

    Remembering all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Second World War and our own, commemorated on the Roll of Honour In the school chapel.

    The Friday Reflection from the Reverend Sarah Norbron the school Chaplain:

    VE day celebrations have been somewhat dampened by the lockdown situation we find ourselves in. When the decision was made to change the Bank Holiday date, we could never have expected to be largely ‘Staying at home’ due to the coronavirus. Today there is a plan for remembering the fallen in a two-minute silence at 11.00am, for listening to Churchill’s speech and to sing along with Vera. This is good and important that we remember, and the words of ‘We’ll meet again’ ring very true at this time. But I do hope we are honouring the heroes of today as well as those of yesteryear, celebrating the multicultural Britain that we are, and those who are putting themselves on the frontline for us all. I know we are, and the NHS/key worker banners and rainbows will no doubt mingle with British bunting.

    After war there usually follows a degree of peace. And I know that many of us are looking forward to greater peace to calm anxieties once the virus is no longer a threat. But I do believe that we don’t have to wait until such a threat is over, to experience this inner peace. Yes, there will still be those moments of fear, but God can give us ‘The peace that passes all understanding.’ May those going through difficulties right now, know this peace, whether they are sick, know someone who is sick, or are working on the frontline. I hope this UK blessing from Churches around the country, offers you that peace right now. Please click here for 'The Blessing' from churches across the UK.

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    Published 05/05/20

    A look back at last year’s Longmoor competition, in which every House competes for the coveted Longmoor Cup (girls’ Houses) and Talbot Cup (boys’ Houses). Weeks of preparations are usually involved in what has become one of the most hotly contested events in the Inter-House calendar. Lunchtime drill rehearsals and plenty of elbow grease is involved with students turning out in their beautifully ironed Blues complete with sparkling shoes. The winning Houses last year were China House and Buckingham House.

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    Published 01/05/20

    1,500 miles in 31 days - that's the challenge our First Team Hockey girls have set themselves for the month of May. The team that lifted the trophies at both the Lord Wandsworth College Tournament and KCS Wimbledon Invitational is raising funds for to show their appreciation and support. To sponsor them in their marathon attempt, please click here

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    Published 30/04/20

    Two reasons for our PE Department to celebrate today. Not only is the roof now on the Sports Hub but they have also retained the School Games Mark Platinum Award. Only three per cent of schools in England hold the award, which recognises a school’s commitment to the development of competition within the school and into the community. Director of Sport, Jamie Harrison said the award reflected the “…commitment,  effort and enthusiasm shown by staff day in and day out, which allows Gordon’s School students to take full advantage of all the wonderful sporting opportunities offered to them.” Gordon’s currently offers dozens of different sporting and adventurous pursuits and has a proud heritage for producing sportsmen and women at county; national and international levels. Students compete in a range of competitions and events in many sporting disciplines including equestrian; rowing and karting. The new sports hub will enable students to take part in even more competitive events and extend the range on offer.


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    Published 29/04/20

    Crucial volunteer work being done by the school's Internal Fleet Manager and mini-bus co-ordinator Edwin Sutton, who is transporting blood products and Covid-19 specimens across the country on his 'blood bike'. Mr Sutton, a former traffic policeman, travelled some 250 miles over the weekend and can be on call for 24 hours at a time. He has been a member of the volunteer group for over a year, joining them because "I decided to put something back into the community".

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    Published 28/04/20

    We salute Gordon's Sixth Former Toby Johnson, who has joined frontline workers during this pandemic. The former Deputy Head Boy travels across Surrey and Hampshire collecting the recently deceased from hospital morgues or homes and takes them to the undertakers. While he admits his work is "challenging" at times, he says " has been a very interesting experience and I am happy to be doing something very much in touch with the front line of this pandemic".

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    Published 25/04/20

    Balmoral House Parent Ben Heathcote staged another uplifting end to the week with his guitar outside the Rec. Much enjoyed by all in school and those watching the livestream around the world. Watch out for details of the next gig. 

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