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    Published 09/12/20

    Gordon's School is consulting on its proposed admission arrangements for 2022-23.

    Proposed changes – Main School

    • Increase in day boarding places from 84 to 88 (see paragraph 1)
    • Up to 12 places in Year 7 allocated based on aptitude in Sport or Performing Arts (see paragraphs 2 and 3d and Appendix 1)

    Proposed changes – Sixth Form

    • Increase in external day boarding places from 20 to 40 (see paragraph 2)
    • 10% of Sixth Form admissions intake selected by sport aptitude (see paragraph 5d and Appendix 1)

    We welcome your comments on the proposals. Please send them to Mrs J Boorman by 20 January 2021, by email to or by letter to Gordon’s School, Bagshot Road, West End, Surrey, GU24 9PT


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  • Winning Winter Arts Competition Entry

    Published 07/12/20

    Congratulations Mia (Year 8), winner of the Winter Arts competition. In second place was Heather (Year 8, bottom left) and third Tom (Year 7). 


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    Published 03/12/20

    Congratulations to this year's recipients of the Gordonian Awards for Sport and the Arts. Tamara Hibbins a Surrey County athlete and and Jason Cave, who plays Violin to Grade 7. For more information on the Gordonian Awards and how to apply, please click here.


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    Published 02/12/20

    Our musical advent treats,  can be unwrapped every day during Advent, behind photographs of the highlights of last Christmas. For today's showcase, please click here

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    Published 01/12/20

    Today marks the start of our musical advent calendar in which we showcase the talented singers and musicians in the school through our Countdown to Christmas. Videos will be posted on the school's social media platforms and the music page of the website every day until Christmas Eve. 



    For those looking for a more active advent, the PE Department has put together a task list of challenges for students and their parents:

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    Published 25/11/20

    Presenting our new student leaders - Head Girl Charlotte Hamilton and Head Boy Scott Ross (centre) together with their Deputies (far right) Tadiwanashe Nyatsanza and Laurence Lisita-Robinson. The four Sixth Formers were appointed after submitting a CV and attending a formal interview. Pictured with them is Louis Phipps, Sergeant Major and Colour Sergeant Grace Fulk (far left). This year the ceremonial roles have been separated from whole-school responsibilities so Louis and Grace will lead parades while their peers will be responsible for general school matters. They will begin their duties in January 2021. Congratulations and best of luck to all of them.

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    Published 23/11/20

    Netballers Pippa and Jo have been named in the Saracens Mavericks pathway squads for 2021. Jo will be playing for the U19 squad and Pippa, who was awarded the Saracens Mavericks NPL Inspirational Player Award for the 2019/2020 season, will be playing up in the U21s. Congratulations to them both! We can’t wait to see them in action and wish them the best of luck.

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    Published 18/11/20

    Congratulations to Jayda and Pippa, netball scholars at Gordon's, who have been invited to attend the Roses National Academy selection day in December. The National academy brings together the best U17 and U19 players in England for extra coaching and training. Prior to tours and Netball Europe, U19 and U17 squads will be selected from the National Academy. For more information on netball scholarships and other scholarships, please click here.

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    Published 13/11/20

    Representing youth across the county and making history, A Level student Jacob Wrenn is the first Surrey Young Mayor.

    The Sixth Former has been involved in youth politics for around five years, first through the Surrey Heath Youth Council, which he ended chairing, and then moving on to the Surrey Youth Cabinet where he ran projects acting on young people’s concerns. As the county’s first Young Mayor, he is helping to shape the role and goals for the future and championing the voices of young people across Surrey.

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    Published 11/11/20

    For a virtual tour of the school and video presentations, please click here.

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    Published 10/11/20

    Want to get the best exam results? According to Sixth Former Charles Aldridge, sleeping is the way forward! Charles has just had his EPQ research on sleeping and effective learning, published by the Medic Mentor, a national magazine dedicated to applying healthcare students. The Cambridge hopeful, who discovered a passion for medicine after breaking his collar bone last year, says: “I was stunned by how important sleep hygiene is in memory”. As well as memory and the transfer of information from short to long term Charles also found that sleep has a direct impact on understanding; focus and motivation. His in depth article looks at how memories are formed, the five sleep cycles and how memory consolidation varies over the night through the cycles. And the secret to a good night’s sleep according to his research is reducing exposure to artificial light one to two hours before bedtime and sleeping in a cool environment (around 18 degrees). “Sleep is the solution to many issues related to learning, so investing your time into building healthy sleep habits is a simple way to fuel success in your future career.” To read the article, please click here.

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    Published 07/11/20

    Sadly no Remembrance Parade tomorrow (Sunday) but Gordon's will pay tribute and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in a simple Remembrance Service that will be live-streamed via our Facebook page - on Sunday. Please join us from 10.57am. 




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