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Norway July 2014 - Gold Expedition

18th - 31st July 2014: The trip started in Bergen on the west coast of Norway 
18th - 31st July 2014
The trip started in Bergen on the west coast of Norway where we spent the first night before moving up the country for a 4 day exploration of one of the national parks. We travelled for 8 hours and saw some amazing rivers and waterfalls on the route. We also travelled through the world’s longest tunnel which is 27Km in distance. We stayed in the town of Lom for 4 days where further journey preparation and days out took place.
We then moved to the Gudvangen, where we started our Duke of Edinburgh expedition. This consisted of 5 days in a sea kayak paddling through some breathtaking scenery of the Sogne Fjord.
After 5  days the Duke of Edinburgh challenge was complete and we continues on to the town of Vos; a major skiing resort in Norway. Here we discovered how much fried rice could cost in Norway (you don’t want to know!) The next day we travelled back to where we had started from in Bergen, where we had a chance to soak up some of the Norwegian lifestyle and meet the friendly town’s people.
I would like to thank all of the young people who took part in such a memorable  14 day journey full of fun and friendship which took us all on a rollercoaster of a ride.
All I have to add is I’m looking forward to the next trip which is planned for the Ardeche River in France next July and I look forward to meeting the next group of explorers later this year.
Until then, bon voyage!
Rick Greenland - Expedition helper