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(Only complete this section if you are making a Full or Weekly Residential Boarding Application)

If you are applying for a residential place, are you a Forces Parent entitled to CEA ?


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• This Supplementary Information Form to be completed for all residential (full and weekly) boarding applications. Also for any day boarding applications for children of staff only. (conditions apply).

• For September 2024 day boarding applications for Year 7 – (other than for children of staff) apply via their local authority ONLY during September/October 2023.

• Please read in conjunction with the admissions policy for the relevant year of entry which is published on the school’s website

• We welcome applications for Residential Boarding places with a strong ‘need to board’. Parents who are applying for a boarding place are asked to give additional information in Section 3, or by a covering letter, saying why there is a need for their child to board. Please refer to the relevant section of the Admissions Policy for guidance.

• In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the data in this form will be processed for the purposes of processing your application to join the school and the school will therefore have a “legitimate interest” for processing basic personal data and sensitive personal data. The data the school holds will be the minimum it requires to process your application. The retention period for this data will one year from date of entry applied for.