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Provision Map - Wave 1 Interventions

Wave 1 (Quality First Teaching) interventions at Gordon’s School – October 2013

Cognition and Learning

  • Setting according to achievement in core subjects
  • Using a mixture of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities in lessons
  • Differentiation curriculum planning and of tasks set in class and for prep
  • Differentiated delivery eg simplified language, slower lesson pace
  • Differentiated outcome eg cartoon strip instead of prose, mind maps
  • Teachers differentiated questioning in class.
  • Lesson objective and outcome stated at start of class
  • Progress reviews and parent evenings – monitor individual targets and progress, set new targets
  • Regular testing to ensure in appropriate sets
  • SEN updates and strategies for teachers
  • Full time librarian available in all school hours
  • ICT and library available out of hours
  • Increased visual aids, keywords, diagrammatic representations
  • Use of writing frames
  • Students are set targets for their learning
  • Open questions are used to direct learning
  • There is a range of ICT available to support learning
  • Appropriate curriculum and effective teaching engages all learners and encourages good behaviour.
  • Learning can be through practical activities and experiential learning.
  • There are opportunities for students to transfer / generalise their learning in different contexts
  • Teaching and learning are multi-sensory and well structured
  • The school has clear procedures for the identification and assessment of pupils who may need access to Learning Support
  • Teaching involves a carefully planned blend of approaches that directs student’s learning
  • The teacher provides support but requires independence at some points.

Communication and Interaction

  • Using diary for recording prep
  • The classroom environment supports learning through models, images and a range of visuals and key vocabulary.
  • Students are given extra take-up time for responses to questions or contributions to group discussions
  • Structured school, classroom and House routines
  • Differentiated curriculum delivery eg simplified language
  • School council via Houses

Behaviour, Emotional and Social

  • House pastoral system, daily base, daily prep sessions
  • Period 7 co-curricular activity daily
  • Opportunities for revision and over-learning occur
  • There are access to groups where pupils are working with peers of similar levels
  • Strategies are taught to extend listening and attention
  • There can be flexibility in timetabling to personalise to the students’ needs
  • Whole school reward systems promoting learning behaviour
  • Good comments and stamp in the diary system to earn a visit to the Headmaster
  • Junior colours for PE, Art, Music, Drama
  • Annual Prize Giving
  • Comment system for feedback in diary
  • Whole school policy for behaviour management with graduated response
  • Chapel Assemblies and form time
  • Behaviour management techniques circulated to staff
  • Staff modelling and reinforcing behaviour
  • Form tutor and House communication with home
  • Whole school parades organised by the House, with regular practising

Sensory, Medical or Physical

  • Seating plans in all classes- taking into account physical and sensory needs and SEN information.
  • Briefing note to teacher regarding difficulties
  • Care plan
  • Availability of resources eg pencil grips
  • Use of school email to regularly update staff
  • Providing suitable size and comfort chairs / tables/furniture to promote teaching and learning in lessons
  • Providing blinds for windows in computer suites to allow all to view screens without hindrance
  • Students work in small groups and individually in safe and secure spaces
  • Concrete and visual materials and objects of reference to establish concepts and skills
  • Clear classroom and school routines are supported by visual clues
  • Access is available to simple, everyday assistive devices which aid access to the curriculum eg pencil grips, a range of scissors, left handed scissors, headphones etc