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Bienvenue au départment de Français!

The aim of the French Department is to ensure that all students have a meaningful linguistic experience and appreciate the importance of learning French in today’s society.

 Our team consists of three full time staff and a part time teacher who are all committed to motivating and inspiring students of all abilities.

All French classrooms are equipped with a SMART board and we use a wide range of interactive activities and authentic materials (such as films and magazine articles) to make the learning a fun and engaging process. Trips are also organised every year as we think it is paramount the students are exposed to the culture and see the 'real life' aspect of learning French. We are also planning to run a French pen pal program via email with a school located in the south of France in 2014.

In Year 7, students sit a language aptitude test in the first week and are then put into ability sets. During the first term, they will study French, Spanish and German on a 5 week rotation. They decide what language(s) they would like to keep on studying by Christmas and start with the language(s) of their choice in January. The number of sets after this varies according to the popularity of the language and how many students need to be accommodated.

Languages are part of the core subjects at Gordon’s and as such enjoy a high profile. We currently have four classes studying French in Year 11 and three in Year 10. We also have a Year 12 and Year 13 French class. We are very proud of our excellent record of success at both GCSE and A Level.

A bientôt!