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Gravesend crowned winners of the Inter-House Art Competition!

This year the theme for the competition was REFLECTION. 

This year the theme for the competition was REFLECTION. All Houses had a few weeks to prepare and form their teams from Years 7 to 13. It took place during period 7 in the Art room and started on Jan 27th until 30th. Their work was assessed on their ideas, research, practical skills and presentation. 

1st place (with 64 marks out of 80) - Gravesend!

2nd place (with 62 marks) - Windsor!

Joint 3rd place (with 61 marks) - Balmoral / China / Kensington! 

6th - Sandringham (with 54)

7th Buckingham (with 52)

8th Khartoum (with 47)

9th Augusta (with 37)

It was very close as you can see. This year the work was very impressive and I think the 2 hours, instead of just 1, made all the difference. The pupils had researched and come up with some great ideas and responses to the theme this year. All came in thoroughly prepared and worked well as teams. I’d like to thank all House Staff for your time and support with this and of course many thanks to the judges, Sarah Norbron, Alex Balla and Mike Wadey.


Suzanne Gibbs