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Gordons Aptitude Form- Main School (Y7 Entry 2022)

PLEASE NOTE: Year 7 aptitude tests will take place in October 2021 (online forms must be submitted by 30 September 2021)

Details of Student

Details of Parent/Carer making the Application

I wish to apply for a Y7 aptitude place in : (Please tick one)*
I have also completed a Gordon's Supplementary information Form and will apply through my local authority for :

For Information only:

Please note, aptitude places do not bring with them any discount on school charges.

Aptitude for Performing Arts

Music Y7
The test will consist of :-
Aural Test: Recognising Pitch, Melody & Rhythm (15 Minutes)
Students may also wish to prepare a performance piece in their chosen discipline (3 minutes)

Drama Y7
The test will consist of :-
Perform a pre-prepared monologue of choice (2-4 minutes)
Participate in a group character workshop (40 minutes)

Aptitude for Sport

The test is approximately 60 minutes in duration and consists of the following:

Agility: Candidates begin by lying face down on the floor with arms spread. On a signal they rise and sprint a multi directional course in as quick a time as possible.

Balance: Candidates undergo the Stork test which tests both balance and balance endurance.

Hand-eye co-ordination: Candidates throw a small rubber ball against a wall and catch it with alternate hands.

Leg power: Candidates are asked to make a two footed vertical jump from a standing start; the height of the jump is measured.

Speed: Candidates are timed to see how quickly they cover a 30 metre distance.

Stamina: Candidates complete a short cardio vascular endurance test. We use the 12 minute cooper run at Year 7 and the Bleep Test for the Sixth Form

Skill: There will be a skill based assessment in the student’s discipline of choice